This is an attempt to deliver an all-inclusive survival guide for women out there who doesn’t have everything all figured out. By sharing lessons I have learnt from my own experiences, from helping out all the females that I have come across, and the loads of inspirational and self help articles I have read over the years. I hope to inspire some of you out there on becoming the the best version of you.

There are already too many websites/blogs out there that teaches you on how to dress better, revamp your looks, dieting tips etc…mainy pertaining to psychical appearance. So instead, this site will be dedicated to working on the inside. Sharing the “how-to’s” to be resilient yet vulnerable at the same time, and continuing to re-create yourself without fear.

Any woman out there can achieve this through honest reflection, self acceptance and choosing a lifestyle catered to loving oneself. A much more sustainable way of feeling and looking good!

Modern Day Pollyanna


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