The Power of “Not now”…

Having had the most intense weeks of my life from work with year end before the holidays, friends gatherings and prepping for my epic 3 wks trip to Europe with my close friends from HK, London and Spain, I had learnt the power of saying “not now” to handful of them to be postponed to the new year. As tempting as it is to just say “yes” to everyone for all the attention, one needs to learn when to say “not now” (not “no”) sometimes to conserve/re-coop one’s energy (part of the loving yourself project), especially during this time building up to all the holiday hype.


By doing that, one gets to stay in control of their own lives, time to read, take a bath and unwind from all the craziness. Many of us (including myself in the past), tend to fall into the trap of wanting to accomplish too much, over-estimating our energy and fear of rejecting others. One should not, for if they are true friends they will still be here for you for catching-up at another time or in my case in the new year.


Stay in the eye of the storm and you will continue to maintain the same energy level to continually attract the same. Don’t be afraid to say “not now”, and see who are still there for you for when you are ready for them? This is also a great way to screen out whom are there because they need you now versus those they will still be there for you…


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