Seeds of Friendship

Further on from my last post on the topic of “Thanksgiving”, I recently had my big birthday.

I had at least 10 very dear friends that helped me celebrate my big day, from different walks of life, met at different times in my life to now. To many of you out there that usually gets massive celebrations, I am the opposite of that thus this year was special…

The interesting point was not knowing each other, they all came and bringing with them their own special token of love and friendship. There was K, the most unlikely hanging out g/f but she came and showed her appreciation of our friendship with an exquisite aromatic candle that she asks me to use when writing so to help fuel my energy. Then there was S&S whom took the time to list out all my favorite lines that are synonymous to the very essence of me, and from the long list not only did they know me well they loved me for it. A Calabrese lady E that I recently met, brought her forever flowing positive energy, one of those g/f’s that will help you move a body and ask questions later from Switzerland…and gave me her very own “survival kit to life”!

Last but not least, is my crew of many years that have always celebrated my birthday whom knows me the best. Did I mention one of them made the gorgeous and amazingly delicious tiramisu on the feature photo? Knowing that I am not a big fan of sweets, the entire tiramisu was made with 90% cocoa that she brought back from Sevilla!

Not sure what I ever done to deserve this but I feel truly blessed and loved.

Takeaway here?! Beautiful friendships enfold when you least expect and when you have gratitude to life, everything changes…start planting your seeds of friendship today!



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