Thanksgiving is a long-time tradition amongst numerous cultures and the most prevalent are the American and Canadian ones.

We think of turkey (or turduckens), pumpkin pies (or piecaken), basically a massive feast shared by family and loved ones giving thanks to the abundance that we have.

Instead, I want to share a simple thank you card that my boss wrote me from a couple months back. It was in July (no major holidays there), thanking me for the amazing energy, effort and effectiveness that I have brought to our division. She encouraged me to continue to spread my infectious positivity and to inspire others. That was one of the nicest things I had ever received. It was simple, genuine and best of all, unexpected.

You see, gratitude can happen any time, anywhere to anyone. Simple thank you’s to your favourite barista at Starbucks, your doorman, coworkers, your parents, your cohorts in life can happen on any day of the year and we don’t need a special occasion to do so. Giving gratitude, let others feel appreciated requires so little, yet it brings so much to the receiver.

When was the last time you felt appreciated and who do you need to give thanks to today…?

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