Just do it…

because there is never a good time to.



My month long vacation was all planned out on a detailed spreadsheet that many of friends have even adopted for their extended trip planning to this day! (Yes feeling satisfied) I went from meeting my friend in Ibiza to checking out the Uffizi and Vasari corridors in Florence solo, to spending an awesome week long intensive cooking course in Calabria, Italy along side with four other industry people that we still keep in touch with now.


Coincidently, on the note of following one’s dreams, I found out today on our group chat that one of them just took over a restaurant serving modern comfort food in Ireland! This came as a surprise because she only joked about it in Calabria, and it was her that convinced her boss at the restaurant she was working for at the time to send her to the course. Ambitious and fearless, my friend became a restaurant owner and applied her talents and passion in working for herself in less than a year from getting the culinary certification.

What does this all mean? It means, dreams can be actualised with first the “intent” (right reason to), planning (yes requires some work), and lastly, to just do it and let life unfold…

For her it was to run her own show, for me, it was a necessary step towards creating myself.

Read on, you will be amazed at the sychrondestiny at work…




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