The Why…

IMG_5722Being a 3w2 in enneagram and cross between estp/enfp in MBTI, I have always had a knack for analysing people and as corny as it sounds, wanted to help others feel better about themselves if not feeling awesome. Awesome to me is being in a such a good place that no one and nothing can take away your enthusiasm for life. Having said that, it’t not about being naive but about choosing how you perceive and react to events that happen to you.

Then years pass of being the go-to girl for many of my friends whenever they are in need of advice or just a lending ear, I realised I had a gift. The consensus was they always felt much better after talking to me due to my “almost annoying” optimism. I didn’t really understand what that meant because to me I was merely being myself. I empathise (type 2/enfp), problem-solve (type 3/estp) and show them how to see life through rose-colored tinted glasses while staying realistic. Either that, or it’s because I never hesitate to dish out my two cents!

On the same token, this is not a completely selfless act either. I am choosing to write, putting effort into something new and unbeknownst to me because I happen to be in the stage in life whereby I am living by Albert Einstein’s quote: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. So I am doing EVERYTHING differently, and so far life has been good. I am doing this so that I can continue to re-create myself, improve my writing and hopefully help others to feel a bit better. How cool is that?!

Check out my next blog on how to achieve this…



    • Hi Jasmine, ESTP and ENFP are two out of the sixteen personalities from the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator personality test derived by Carl Jung that many corporates use when hiring. If you click on the “MBTI”, Type 2/ENFP” and “Type 3/ESTP” links above it will direct you to those sites that give you a much more thorough explanation than I can give you! But feel free to try them out for yourself and there are free tests online you can try too i.e.

      I am so happy you like it and this is new to me so keep reading and thank you for your feedback!


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